About Us

Vascular Flow Technologies is a dynamic, growing medical devices company operating globally. We are focused on the research, development and commercialisation of vascular devices based on a new understanding of blood flow dynamics – Spiral Laminar Flow™

Our objective

Our objective is to help Clinicians improve patient outcomes in Vascular Interventions through the development of Devices that restore normal Spiral Laminar Blood flow.

How we started

Vascular Flow’s novel technology was developed from Ninewells Hospital (teaching hospital in Dundee, Scotland) by three leading physicians, Professor Peter Stonebridge, following his return from Harvard , Dr John Dick and Professor Graeme Houston. We launched our first product in late 2008 and a second product in June 2010. We have ambitious plans to grow our business globally and for surgeons and patients all over the world to benefit from Spiral Flow™ products.

Innovative technology

Our innovative technology is currently applied to two synthetic grafts: our Spiral Flow™ peripheral bypass graft and our Spiral Flow™ arteriovenous access graft for haemodialysis. Vascular Flow grafts are the ONLY grafts proven to recreate Spiral Laminar Flow™, the body’s natural blood flow pattern, improving graft patency and helping to prevent disease progression resulting in better outcomes for the surgeon, care-giver and patient.

How we have evolved

Vascular Flow Technologies (VFT) has evolved from a tiny surgeon led start-up to a young, innovative Medical Devices Company. VFT developed and patented  its novel Spiral Laminar Flow™ (SLF) technology which restores the natural  pattern of blood flow. Through its use in vascular implants, SLF™ technology has been shown to extend the effective life of implants, help prevent disease  progression and generally improve patient outcomes.