What we stand for

Corporate social responsibility & sustainability

Who we are

Vascular Flow Technologies Ltd is a global medical device company operating in the vascular arena, where our innovative Spiral Laminar Flow™ technology is applied to a range of innovative devices. Our unique technology reinstates normal blood flow helping to reduce downstream disease progression and improving quality of life for the patient. We are committed to helping improve the lives of the patients who are treated with our products and give the surgeons who use them a safe, reliable and technically innovative choice of graft that will reduce the need for further interventions

What we believe

Our Vision is to help care givers improve patient outcomes in Vascular Surgery.

Our Mission is to become a technology leader through the development and commercialisation of Spiral Laminar Flow™ products, delivering better outcomes.

Through our vision and mission Vascular Flow Technologies has the principles of corporate social responsibility & sustainability at its heart.

We behave ethically and authentically in our relationships with our employees, our clients, our vendors and the networks, communities and environment in which we operate. This has been our way since the birth of our company and will continue into the future.

What we do

  • We encourage care for the environment both within our own organisation, those we work with and our own homes
  • We have company values that we live by – they guide our behaviours, choices and interactions
  • We have a culture of fairness that is at the heart of Vascular Flow Technologies

We strive to build a sustainable business through:

  • Transparency – By having an engaging and open environment within the company as well as the community
  • Employee Development – People are the strongest asset in our organisation and we are committed to their development.
  • Resource Efficiency – We adapt to the rapidly changing environment by being prepared to change and implement new creative ideas related to sustainability.

Where we came from

Vascular Flow’s novel technology was developed from Ninewells Hospital (teaching hospital in Dundee, Scotland) by 3 physicians Professor Peter Stonebridge, Dr John Dick and Professor Graeme Houston. We launched our first product in late 2008 and a second product in June 2010. We have ambitious plans to grow our business globally and for surgeons and patients all over the world to benefit from Spiral Flow™ products.