About Us

Vascular Flow Technologies (VFT) has evolved into an ISO 13485 Medical Device Development company with unique insight and capabilities  in pre-clinical development and testing. VFT developed and patented  its novel Spiral Laminar Flow™ (SLF) technology which restores the natural  pattern of blood flow.

Through its use in vascular implants, SLF™ technology has been shown to extend the effective life of implants, help prevent disease  progression and generally improve patient outcomes.

We are currently developing new products using the SLF™ technology platform and have accumulated considerable experience and understanding of pre-clinical development and testing processes during the journey.

Having taken products from concept to regulatory approval, VFT is well placed to offer this service to others embarking on a similar path.

We now work in partnership with a number of medical device companies, Universities and SMEs offering a tailored service to assist their development process.

Our Vision is “Enabling device development with unique understanding”.