Mid-Term Results of the Spiral Flow PV Grafts

Poster at the 15th Turkish Vascular Society Congress, October 2011 Dr Çetingök, Corum Hospital, Corum, Turkey

Patients and Methods

47 patients implanted from June 2009 to August 2011 with a mean follow-up period of 14 months. Mean age at operation was 67 (41 to 89) years and 6% were female. 77% were stage IIb and 23% stage III Fontaine Classification.

73 implantations were performed (a number of patients received more than one graft), 45% of patients received above knee (AK) procedures and 55% received a below knee (BK) procedure.


Five grafts thrombosed (7%) and were all successfully thrombolysed to fully restore patency. There was one patient death unrelated to the graft.

At 14 months mean follow-up primary patency is 93% and secondary is 98%.