New National Sales Manager in the US

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Randall Black as National Sales Manager, Vascular Flow Technologies Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vascular Flow Technologies Ltd.

Randy has a very strong track record of Sales and Team development in large and small Medical Device companies, so he should be able to make a big impact at this organization. He is coming to the job with lots of innovative ideas to increase sales and improve the organization as a whole. In order to increase sales and business revenue, Randy has suggested that we look into sales territory mapping in our local area to try and gather more clients. This should have a positive impact on the company. We look forward to working with Randy and hearing more of his ideas.

He has served in a variety of Sales Management positions with Atrium Medical, Boston Scientific and most recently with Janus Medical and has Product Marketing and Direct Sales experience through roles at J+J Ethicon and Baxter. From his previous experience, we can tell that he is clearly going to be a great fit in the organization.

He has a BA in Business and Mathematics from Kalamazoo College in Michigan.

Randy is married and lives in Dublin California and will focus on building the US Sales model in the coming months and will report to Rudy Mounia, General Manager.

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