New Publication – Experimental Assessment of Two Non-Contract MRI Sequences Used for CFD

We have collaborated with a peer-reviewed article entitled “Experimental Assessment of Two Non-Contrast MRI Sequences Used for Computational Fluid Dynamics: Investigation of Consistency Between Techniques”, which has just been published in the journal Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology ( The article demonstrates that different MRI scanning setups render significantly different the 3-D reconstruction of blood vessels. When these 3-D reconstructions are used in computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis, they can result in very different conclusions. Furthermore, we have demonstrated the accuracy of the MRI changing depending on the blood vessel angle inside the scanner. For this paper, we have contributed with the CFD simulations, and the geometrical analysis of the blood vessels. The results had been obtained in Prof. Graeme Houston’s lab of the University of Dundee during the ReDVA project (, an EU-founded Marie Curie project. Many thanks to all the other authors, specially to Dr.Conor MacDonald. 

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