New Publication – Formation of Vortices in Idealised Branching Vessels : A CFD Benchmark Study

We have collaborated with a peer-reviewed article entitled “Formation of Vortices in Idealised Branching Vessels : A CFD Benchmark Study”, which has just been published in the journal Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology ( This was a parametric study that automatically generated and post-processed more than 12,000 computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations of idealised branching vessels to map the formation and growth of vortices which are known to induce vascular disease. The parametric workflow forms a CFD benchmark validated by bench-top experiments published in 1980 by Karino and Goldsmith. Furthermore, the CFD data was used to best-fit a surrogate model, which is able to predict the vortex growth inside the parametric range without requiring to recompute over 12,000 CFD simulations. This study began as a BEng Mechanical Engineering Project of Yidan Xue at the University of Edinburgh with the supervision of Dr Dong-hyuk Shin, and co-supervision of Dr Rudolf Hellmuth of Vascular Flow Technologies as industrial partner. Yidan Xue is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Oxford, and Dr. Dong-hyuk Shin is now lecturing at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

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