PhD Fellowship Opportunity

VFT is participating in the BioImplant Innovative Training Network (ITN) — a Marie Curie Training Network Developing Improved Bioabsorable Materials for Medical Implant Applications. Bioabsorbable materials are a category of biomaterial that gradually degrade when implanted in the body. These biomaterials have the potential to form the basis for the next-generation of vascular and orthopaedic medical implants as they avoid late-stage complications associated with conventional permanent implants.

There are still two PhD Fellowship positions available in the BioImplant ITN (ESR 3 and ESR 10), with successful candidates undertaking 3-year PhD programmes, co-hosted by academic and industry members of the consortium. The MSCA-ITN programme offers a highly competitive and attractive salary and working conditions. The successful candidates will receive a salary in accordance with the MSCA regulations for early stage researchers. Exact salary will be confirmed upon offer and will be based on Living Allowance of €3110/month to be paid in currency of country where based and with a correction factor to be applied per country and a Mobility Allowance of €600/month. Additionally, researchers may also qualify for a Family Allowance of €500/month depending on family situation. The application time for ESR 3 and ESR 10 has been extended for three more weeks!

Application procedure: To submit your application, please complete the online application form, which is available on the BioImplant ITN website,

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