US patent issued for Vascular Flow Technologies peripheral stent with Spiral Flow Technology

As a leader in the design and development of implantable medical devices to improve outcomes within the cardiovascular system, we announce that US Patent 11033377 was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 14, 2021, marking the latest step in our journey to commercialize transformational medical devices using our platform Spiral Laminar Flow Technology (SLFTM).

Craig Dunlop (General Manager) stated “We are delighted to see a further expansion of our patent portfolio with the incorporation of Spiral Laminar Flow Technology into peripheral stents”. “The majority of treatment modalities currently available to clinicians to treat peripheral arterial disease act as vessel liners and have no direct impact on the blood flow.  The Spiral Laminar Flow inducer in our stent design aims to increase long term patency, decrease neointimal hyperplasia, reduce junctional zone restenosis and, most importantly, reduce overall disease progression”. “We intend to commercialise this technology through strategic commercial partnerships, combining our unique technology with current market leading devices to deliver the best possible patient treatments for peripheral arterial disease”

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